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Waterproof Durable Fishing Gloves

Waterproof Durable Fishing Gloves

$ 5.99

Fishing Gloves Features 

Protect the index finger for repeated casting

In fishing, the application of the fish wheel is very extensive, especially in the process of long throw, the index finger in the control of fishline outlet, it is easy to scratch the hand. The index finger will draw a section traces and even blood. This fishing glove is a good solution to this problem
refers to the abdomen of the use of imitation leather fabric material, strong wear-resistant, the back of the use of flexible foam double veneer material, soft and comfortable and flexible, playing parts of the elastic design Wrist strap and finger set with Velcro, and according to the length of the appropriate adjustments

Material: polyester moisture perspiration quick-drying knitted fabric
Fabric technology: high-density anti-skid wear
Net weight: about 20g

Package Include
1 *fishing gloves

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What People Are Saying About Us

Love my fish trap, used twice, as far as I am concerned it has paid for itself, set in pond in evening, next morning all the minnows need for a day of fishing

- James R.

Fish trap is AWESOME! I put a slice of bread in a jar with holes in it and placed it in a shallow area of a pond and had in excess of 150 small bluegills in about 12 minutes.

- Rick D.

I used that underwater green light very effective!

- Charlie W.

I got my military grade laser and it is cool and very powerful it can light a match

- Allan A.

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