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The Solar Backpack - 6.5W Solar Panel With USB Charger.

The Solar Backpack - 6.5W Solar Panel With USB Charger.

$ 120.00
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YES A Solar Power Backpack With Water Pouch & Straw!

Pretty much takes away any excuse not to be outside!  
 It is crafted from water resistant nylon, high intensity and durable.
 Come with solar panel, it is convenient for you to charge your phone or pad.
 The buckles around the chest to stop slipping.
 Adjustable straps and breathable mesh backing for comfortable carry.
 Huge water capacity inside the bag, you can drink water any time when travel. 
 Great for you when your equipment has no power.
 Backpack Material: Nylon
 Solar Panel Material: Crystalline Silicon
 Color: Red / Blue(optional)
 Backpack Capacity: 15L
 Water Bag Capacity: 2.5L
 Power: 6.5W
 Output: 5V
 Transfer Rate: 22.5%
 Solar Panel Size: 31.5 * 17.5cm / 12.40 * 6.89in
 Backpack Size: 25.5 * 9 * 44cm / 10.04 * 3.54 * 17.32in
 Package Size: 53.5 * 40 * 5cm / 21.06 * 15.75 * 1.97in
 Package Weight: 728g / 25.68oz
 Package List:
 1 * Backpack
 1 * Solar Panel
 1 * Water Bag
 1 * USB
 1 * User Manual   
















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