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I Hooked The Best Dad - SPOON FISHING LURE

I Hooked The Best Dad - SPOON FISHING LURE

$ 19.99
187% Increase In Average Smile Size When This Lure Is Given As A Gift
( Proven and Scientifically Tested )
The LURE that melts hearts within minutes of exposure to an avid Fisherman.  This little guy does wonders around gift giving time.  It's "THE LURE" that puts a tearful smile on the face every time it's seen in the tackle box!  
Only The Best Fisherman Out There Get This......
I think you agree if you are here, YOUR Fisherman deserves something special like this.  If he is you dad, grandpa, husband or just a special someone then you just know they will love this gift!  

The Most Memorable Lure In The World
8 Nonsense reasons to get this lure for your fisherman-
- Made From 100%Tear Inducing Solids - No Fisherman Is Safe
- The Only Lure That's Effective Even Without Catching Fish
- Can Hold The Thoughts And Prayers Of Entire Families OR Just 1 Fish! 
- Goes Good With Water - Kinda made for that
- WaterProof - Dare I Say 'Duh! Obvious'
- Anti-Theft Device Installed - ' the writing '
- Sure To Wind Up As Your Lucky Lure - Even If You Cast All Day Without A Fish!
- Why Not Give A Gift That Can Pierce Skin, Leave A Mark Or Makem' Bleed!  
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Make A Fisherman VERY HAPPY!

The Love Of Every Fisherman Needs To Be Celebrated & What Better Way To Do That Then A Little Lure Like This!

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  • Weight: 2-3 ounces
  • Length: 3 inches
  • Trout, bass, pike etc
  • Great decorations from your inside car/truck mirror

What People Are Saying About Us

Love my fish trap, used twice, as far as I am concerned it has paid for itself, set in pond in evening, next morning all the minnows need for a day of fishing

- James R.

Fish trap is AWESOME! I put a slice of bread in a jar with holes in it and placed it in a shallow area of a pond and had in excess of 150 small bluegills in about 12 minutes.

- Rick D.

I used that underwater green light very effective!

- Charlie W.

I got my military grade laser and it is cool and very powerful it can light a match

- Allan A.

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