Fire Maple Outdoor Camping Picnic Cooking Pot Cookware Set.

Fire Maple Outdoor Camping Picnic Cooking Pot Cookware Set.

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1:Light weight and space saving design,suitable for outdoor cooking.
2:This is a Non-stick pan as the aluminum has been hard coat anodized.
3:Heat insulation plastic handle,anti skid design,more safe and comfortable when you cook.

Material: hard alumina (non-stick)
Color: dark gray
Large skillet size: 200 * 53mm
Large pot size: 195 * 123mm
The pot size: 170 * 90mm
Small pot size: 145 * 77mm
Platter size: 180 * 40mm
Small plate size: 170 * 20mm
Plastic bowl Size: 130 * 110 * 40mm
Weight: 1400g
The number of users: 4-5
For 4-5 people to use, including medium and small three large soup pot and frying pan, a bamboo spoon, a folding spoon, five plastic bowl, three dish, a green cleaning ball;
Aluminum pan using imported aluminum, once stretching; surface using advanced hard aluminum oxidation, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, more secure;
Plastic bowl with a spoon made of high-density HDPE material is completely non-toxic, non-polluting; bamboo spoon to clean the ball as loofah are green materials. Black mesh bag + kraft boxed.

Package Includes:

skillet* 1,
Pot * 3,
Lid * 3,
Dish * 3,
Plastic bowls * 5,
tablespoon* 1 ,
Spoon * 1,
Clean ball * 1