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8w Foldable Solar Panel Portable Power Bank for iPhones.

8w Foldable Solar Panel Portable Power Bank for iPhones.

$ 55.97
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  • Folding solar panel 8w
  • Solar Bag absorbs solar energy through solar panels, and converts solar into electric energy.
  • The product is simple, safe, easy to carry, innovative style, is the best charging products at home or travel.
  • Using backpack design, easy to carry, suitable for mobile phones, PDA, MP3, MP4 and digital cameras.

* Peak power: 8W Max
* Output Interface: USB female socket
* Material: PET fabricated fabric + waterproof PVC
* Output Voltage: 5V
* Output Current: 1500mA Max
* Solar Energy Conversion Efficiency: 15%
* Size:
--Folding size: 185*130*25mm
--Opened size: 640*185*3mm
* Color: Green Camouflage
* Weight: about 0.32KG

How to charge your device:

1.Unfold and spread the panels ,so they are in direct sunlight.

2.Connect your device to the 8w solar charger with a USB cable.

3.Keep the device out of the sunlight as you can,excessive heat may damage the device.


1.Make sure your device's input is 5V and 0-1500mah is accepted,you can check in device's user manual,charging adapter or contact the manufacturer for answer.

2.Cloudy weather and indirect sunlight may cause fluctuations in the current output that prevent your devices from charging,In this event,try placing the solar charger in more directly sunlight or wait for the weather to clear.

3.Don't put solar charger into fire,water and chemical liquid,don't scratch and keep the panels clean.




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