Balaclava Full Face Cover Ski Mask - Three Hole.

Balaclava Full Face Cover Ski Mask - Three Hole.

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  • Type: Tactical
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Made in 100% Acrylic

It is soft, specially designed and fashionable, Warm, breathable and adjustable. Can use for women and men

This winter ski mask is perfect for winter snow trips! It will keep your face warm and protected! It provides full face and head coverage that will keep you protected in even the most brutal conditions!

Do you work outdoors? Winter is relentless, and everybody knows how dangerous prolonged exposure to the cold can be; it's important to protect yourself or a loved one from frost bite!

The mask allows for complete coverage, yet is thin enough that it can be worn under a hat and layered under clothing, jackets or scarves! This mask would be the perfect compliment to an outfit made to stand up to the cold!

Width: 15.6 - 21.8 inch
Length: 9 inch