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'RAPTOR' 10-in-One Credit Card MultiTool- Survival Tool EDC.

'RAPTOR' 10-in-One Credit Card MultiTool- Survival Tool EDC.

$ 14.99

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Product Features
Raptor 10 in One Credit card tool

It's a knife, it's a multi tool, it's a survival kit and it's just plain cool!

Try pulling this awesome multi tool out of your pocket or purse and not having everyone ask you where you got it. It won't happen!

Be the first to own one! Impress your friends:)
  • RAZOR SHARP POCKET KNIFE / MULTI TOOL: Super strong stainless steel blade. Won't bend or break!
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: This amazing compact credit card knife and multi tool weighs only 1.5 ounces!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Christmas, birthdays, graduations, any occasion. Great gift for men or women. ATTRACTIVE PACKAGE SUITABLE FOR GIFTING!
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE: Home, car, boat, camping, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, hiking, hunting...
  • 1-YEAR GUARANTEE: Unconditional 1 year money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Key features

-Ultra Lightweight and Easy to Carry. 1.5 ounces
-Strong Durable Stainless Steel Knife
-Bottle Opener
-Small Slotted Screwdriver
-Large Slotted Screwdriver
-Ruler - Standard and Metric
-Position Wrench

Great gift idea for just about anyone, men or women. Perfect for home use or for active outdoors men and women. Comes in an attractive package suitable for gifting.

Use around the house, in your car, camping, fishing, boating, hiking, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, hunting, just about any home or outdoor activity.

Carry it with you. You never know when you will need a toothpick or magnifier or any of the other useful little tools.

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